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Just Another Kansas Storm. No Big Deal. [HDR Photo Gallery]

20140413_145407_1Drove to Topeka, KS this morning, as my daughter’s cheerleading team was a finalist in the US Cheerleading National Finals!  Out of all of the 8 year old cheerleading teams in the US, my daughter’s team placed fifth.  I never thought my daughter would be a cheerleader, but after she expressed interest, we figured it would be infinitely better than sitting on the couch all the time.  So far, she’s loved it.  

On the way home, we were treated to a nice Kansas storm.

We stopped in Lawrence, KS for some lunch at The Salty Iguana, which is known for it’s Mexican cuisine.  My stand up comedian buddy, Steve Moser, joined us for the meal and we noticed it getting pretty dark outside.  We were planning on going to downtown Lawrence and picking up some Kansas Jayhawks swag, but damn, those clouds look dark… let’s get the hell out of here!

These are the pictures that I took on my way back to Kansas City.  I used some HDR filters to bring out the gloom and doom.  Luckily, no tornadoes popped out, but the clouds sure were ominous.

I posted this picture first one Facebook:

"Damn, these clouds CRAZY... time to leave town!"

“Damn, these clouds CRAZY… time to leave town!”

Then I posted this on Twitter… and I got so many notifications quickly, that it crashed my Android Twitter app. LOL. People must like clouds.


Here are some others that I took on the trip home and one of some of the art within The Salty Iguana. Enjoy! Share if you like! It’s like tipping at a restaurant! 😉

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