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Meanwhile in Colorado… the Prohibition on Hemp Ends.

meanwhile-in-coloradoToday is an interesting day.  Finally, a state in the United States of America is allowing the legal sales of marijuana and marijuana products. Many are discussing the merits of whether or not we should be able to smoke it.  I want to point out something far more significant and a far greater opportunity than the business of getting high. I’m talking about hemp.

When you say marijuana, I always flip the switch back to hemp. Marijuana is actually the spanish word for hemp. The only difference is that the flower bud of the hemp plant happens to be smokeable. The rest of the hemp plant is way more important than the smokeable flower, however.

The real reason that hemp/marijuana was made illegal is because you can make paper, plastic, fuel, clothes, medicine and food from it. So naturally, it threatened the paper industry, the oil industry, the plastic industry, the alcohol industry, the pharmaceutical industry and others. Those industries all happen to have some pretty strong lobbyist groups. Especially back in the 1930s.

Why I will no longer fly @USAirways and why Corporate Greed Sucks.

68666I fly so much. This year alone, I’ve flown over 50,000 miles and I’m closing on 100,000 miles.  Most of the flights are booked by other people on my behalf for clients, and quite frankly, I can’t stand most of the people in the travel industry, namely TSA and the “America Patdowns” I get with each flight. [I opt out of the radioactive scanners]  Needless to say, I don’t always double check the itineraries in time… and that bit me in the ass this evening.

I fly out tomorrow from San Francisco to Phoenix and I thought I had an 11 hour layover… this was intentional.  What you say?  An 11 hour INTENTIONAL layover?  Yeah.

One of my good friends disappeared in 2006, he went homeless and unaccounted for. Last June, they found him face down in the Arizona desert, with vultures flying over his head, almost dead.  He had been in a flight with spinal meningitis, unbeknownst to him… and then he got Death Valley Fever.  He was 130lbs, and was comatose for almost 100 days.


30 Day Vegan Challenge: Be a Vegan for 30 Days

vegan-30-daysInspired by Matt Cutts and his 30 Days Challenge TED Talk, I decided to go on a 30 day adventure as a vegan for 30 days.

Those of you who know my typical diet would think that I will certainly fail. However, for the past 9 days, I’ve been 100% vegan and as of this morning, I’m down 10.2lbs. So, it seems reasonable that I could drop 30 pounds in 30 days, which is my goal.

Actually, I’m more eating like a “Veganazi”. Because, I’ve had no meat or dairy… but, I’ve also had no soda, no sweets or any processed foods. I’m doing it to retrain my body and flush the cholesterol out of my system… and to drop some lbs.

Eating vegan for 30 days is more of a discipline mindset and taking control over food, instead of the other way around. I’m not doing it because I think animals should not be eaten. I love animals. They are delicious… especially bacon! But, I work at a computer desk all day, so I had to stop mindlessly “fog eating” and “storm eating”.

Funniest Vine Video Clips and Vine Comedians

Travis Wright VinePeople have been debating the virtues of Vine vs Instagram video, but they are missing the point. There really is room for both. Vine has created a whole new form of entertainment. People are tapping into their creative juices in ways never before displayed. Creating a Vine video is like creating a real-time gif with audio. It’s untapped hilarity.

Instagram is already an avenue to display photos and getting people to change their habits will be difficult. I, personally, love taking cool photos and editing them to upload on Instagram. My gallery is all photos that speak to me emotionally through the use of filters, colors and edits. I love using it for photography. I don’t want a lot of videos on my Instagram feed.


Innovation and Inspiration at Big Kansas City

There is a lot going on in Kansas City, these days. Google has launched it’s “Google Fiber” product and the entrepreneur community is buzzing with activity. It’s a hot bed for startups, and it’s being coined as “Silicon Prairie”. In 2008, Silicon Prairie News was founded to discuss the developments in the startup scene in the flyover states of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. SPN, launched Big Omaha a couple years ago, and today was the inaugural Big Kansas City conference kickoff, where top innovators, startup founders and digital disrupters share their wisdom in an old school airplane hanger, that is now the Airline History Museum.

My Experience Working With Yahoo! And Why Marissa Mayer is Right about Not Letting Employees Work from Home.

ydunce1Everyone has been busting Marissa Mayer’s proverbial balls over the past week over her decision to make Yahoo employees work at a corporate office and stop working from home. My work commute is approximately 66 steps from bed to work chair. It works for me. I work for a silicon valley company from my basement office in my Kansas City home. Living and working in Silicon Valley is too damn expensive so living there isn’t really an option. Having said that, I understand why Yahoo! totally needs to do it.

In the past summer, the company that I consult with was working on a partnership with a well known movie producer on a joint venture with Yahoo and my company. Meaning, we had to work together closely to make it happen. They had a distribution partnership with Yahoo! Screen and we had to work with it.


11 of the Best TED Talks Every Human Should Watch

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 7.30.46 PMTED stands for Technology, Education and Design and if you’re not familiar with them, by now… LOL, you sux0rs at the interwebs. [OK, it’s actually Technology, Entertainment, and Design. But, it should totally be Education, instead]

This is only the greatest repository of speeches and presentations by the most brilliant minds, most fascinating people, education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends of our time.

Awhile back, I made a goal to watch every TED Talk.  So, I watch at least one daily.  The more good shit that goes into your mind, the more good shit comes out.  Feel free to bookmark this so you can come back and watch each one of these.


15 Photos of Upside-Down Snowmen on Instagram

cous7Snowmen are great. It’s a true story that not one snow man has EVER been convicted of a crime. Who hates snowmen? Evil people, that’s who. Evil shitty people who hate life, hate snowmen. Especially upside down snowmen.

Because upside-down snowmen are rare… and are created by people in a very playful mood. A regular snowman just won’t do. I must have an upside-down snowman, because it is much more jovial.

Instead of making my own snowman with this shitload of snow that we got in Kansas City… I searched Instagram and have found a bunch of cute, hilarous upside down works of art created by joyous people. Who can hate on that?


Best Android Apps to Install on your New Android Phone

Screenshot_2013-02-22-11-50-23So Travis, why should we listen to you about which apps are the best Android apps to install on our new Android devices?

Well, good question. I got my first Android device when the original Motorola Droid came out. And since then, I’ve had a Samsung Charge, Samsung Galaxy SIII and now, I’m rocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Since this is my 4th Android device, let’s just say that I’ve had plenty of time to figure out which apps are a must to install when your get your phone and which apps you should probably pass on.

As a general rule of thumb, only download apps that have good reviews and comments. If an app has only 1,000 downloads… pass. There are many, many apps out there that have viruses, malware and madware on them. So, be smart and diligent when installing any Android apps. It’s a jungle out there. I’d definitely recommend checking into some mobile security for your Android device.

There are tons of sites that recommend Android games, but I won’t be doing that here.  I try not to waste much time playing games on video consoles or my phone. So here goes, 35 of the Best Android Apps!  Enjoy and please share! READ MORE »

The Kansas City Chiefs Twitter Case Study

Back in September, the Kansas City Chiefs had lost their opening game to the Atlanta Falcons by a wide margin. That evening, I was texting a buddy of mine that I’ve have known since 5th grade about how poor that the TW_tweetChiefs had been with the salary cap, and how cheap I was perceiving them to be. After the conversation, I tweeted out what I thought was a meaningless tweet rant about my perception of the situation.

“I’m not much of a @kcchiefs fan anymore. [Chiefs owner] Clark Hunt’s yearly 30m under the cap bullshit is unethical. Greedy bastard owners can F.O. cc @nfl”

Let’s just say… that tweet caused a bit of a social hoopla. 3 minutes after I sent that tweet… a Chiefs employee tweeted me a response via a private direct message. I then took a screencap of this message and shared it with the world. This triggered a chain reaction, in which the Chiefs blocked me on twitter, a top post on Reddit, many local and national interviews and a social media case study was created.


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