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Funniest Vine Video Clips and Vine Comedians

Travis Wright VinePeople have been debating the virtues of Vine vs Instagram video, but they are missing the point. There really is room for both. Vine has created a whole new form of entertainment. People are tapping into their creative juices in ways never before displayed. Creating a Vine video is like creating a real-time gif with audio. It’s untapped hilarity.

Instagram is already an avenue to display photos and getting people to change their habits will be difficult. I, personally, love taking cool photos and editing them to upload on Instagram. My gallery is all photos that speak to me emotionally through the use of filters, colors and edits. I love using it for photography. I don’t want a lot of videos on my Instagram feed.

Vine, on the other hand, is ALL videos… 6-second looping videos. Six seconds of completely random bursts of creative ridiculous. here are some of my favorite, so far. Leave YOUR favorites in the comments, so we can all follow them!

Nicholas Megalis – Gummy Money
My Whole Family is Addicted to Vine. Yo! This is Ridiculous! Personally, I blame Nicholas Megalis for making my family addicted to Vine. His 6-second raps and quick hilarious videos have made my whole household laugh hysterically.

Max Burlingame – “#VinePortrait”
This was the first funny Vine that I saw… It was by Max Burlingame, “WhoIsMaxwell”. The hashtag #VinePortraits came through my stream… Maxwell had like 25 followers… but I thought it was so funny. I tweeted at him, followed him and we connected. He’s kept churning out hilarity. He now has 188,600 Vine Followers.

Brittany Furlan – “Our Dog’s Love Us”.
Her Vine videos are consistently hilarious. She creates many off the wall characters and consistently posts new Vines daily. She will probably be famous someday.

KC James – “Orange County Mom Checking the Mail.”
KC James is off-the-wall hilarious. He has several characters that he does in his videos. He has funny sketch characters and does insane basketball trick shots. His Vines always crack me up.

Will Sasso – “Bathtub Michael McDonald”.
Will used to be a sketch comedy actor in MadTV. Now, he makes hilarious vines. Odd and Amusing, indeed.

Here’s my ONLY good Vine that I’ve done so far, a quick Vine for the Man of Steel, that one of the companies I work with, Norton, is sponsored. My kids and I had a blast creating it.

And finally, here is a quick infographic that TechCrunch put together on the differences between Instagram Video and Vine Videos… I’d say creativity is the biggest difference.

Vine Video Clips

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