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Social Media Stormgasms During Bad Weather, Big Events and Disasters

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.08.04 PMYesterday, Burger King’s Twitter account password was hacked. I was able to monitor it in near real time. WDAF Fox 4 in Kansas City was thinking of having me on as a social media strategist and interview me for my opinion of the Burger King… the producer nixed that story and wanted a story about social media and how it impacts people and the frenzy during bad storms and disasters. This is the video of my interview on the local Kansas City news station WDAF Fox 4.

Conversations about the weather were had by Trogg and Ogg, back in the paleolithic days and shit. LOL.

“Oong Gawa!”, said Ogg.

I’m not sure what their language would sound like… but almost certainly they talked about the weather. And back then they didn’t have the weather channel naming winterstorms with ominous sounding names like Winterstorm Nemo… instead of… “a snowstorm”

Humans still talk about the weather… and social media is a major hub for these types of discussions and conversations. Social media allows us to connect with others in meaningful ways in a digital space. It’s incredible. Especially, when I look back to the advancement in technologies since 1973, my birth year, it’s unfathomable how far we’ve come… and yet how far we need to go. Our culture isn’t sustainable.

Sometimes on social media, however, people can over react. Exaggerations do occur! On the internet! I know… hard to believe. LOL.

“Six to twelve inches of snow is not that big of a deal but once you start compounding that with giving it a name and having hashtags to it and creating all this Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.11.15 AMbuzz on social media. Then people start getting scared and it sort of taps into that fear based reactions.”

Sure, it may be a wise idea to go to the store to pick up some extra goods… but is it life threatening? No. It’s a storm. We live in the midwest. Is this surprising?

It was a fun opportunity and was able to bring my daughter to the studio, as well. Fun time and my daughter seemed to be inspired by the process.

So, in a round about way, thank you to Anonymous for hacking Burger King. Without that occurring and if I hadn’t blogged about it… I wouldn’t have been on the news. Luck is always there… when opportunity meets preparation. 🙂

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