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Victim vs. Victor. Steel vs. Fire.

I was four days away from getting $500,000 in funding.

Then the FBI knocked on my door.

It turned out that the principal of the capital firm was under investigation with a FINRA violation, similar to Martha Stewart.

I had trained my replacement at my job at Centriq Training in Kansas City, where I was the lead web trainer.

I now had no job and no funding.

So, I got really drunk that night.  Through my hangover the next morning… I knew it was time to get my HUSTLE on.

I could choose to be either a victim of my circumstances, or I could be the victor.

I chose to overcome my obstacles.

Many times in life, one will choose to blame others for their problems, but won’t face their issues or take responsibility for their actions.

If you want to go big in life, you must take complete responsibility of the challenges in your life.

I used that scenario back in 2008 to catapult my career forward.

Since then, I’ve worked with some of the most amazing clients and people. I’ve travelled the world speaking. I’ve authored a successful book, and I’ve interviewed some of the smartest people on Earth.

It is these challenges that help you grow.

It’s through fire that steel is forged.

And the strongest steel goes through the hottest fire. ⚔️

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