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Digital Marketing Strategist & Keynote Speaker Travis Wright is Available to Speak at your Industry Events, Conferences or Company Meetings.

Travis Wright-SMX-2012Need an entertaining, engaging speaker at your event? With 15 years of managing interactive marketing projects and 15 years of stand-up comedy mediocrity, Travis Wright has been able to develop a unique perspective and presentation style that engages, educates, and entertains the audience.

Travis discusses social media strategies, tools, resources and tactics. He talks about the marketing technology landscape and why to build your own Marketing Cloud is the optimal way to think about your company’s MarTech Stack.

Travis Wright talks on these various topics (and many more…just ask!)

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Need a Marketing Keynote Speaker?

Highlights from the Digital Media Summit in Toronto.

Travis Wright’s MarTech Presentation is the most Viewed at the #MarTech Conference series.

Klout Identifies Travis Wright as Influential in these Areas.

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Travis Wright’s Keynote Speaking Reviews and Testimonials.

Here are some typical reviews.  This is from the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco in October 2014.

Ranking: 4.8/5.0
Presentation Style: 4.9/5.0
Relative Content: 4.7/5.0

    •  “Good information and very engaging presentation.”
    •  “Loved his presentation!”
    •  “Excellent! But quick talker.”
    •  “Presentation was engaging and the trends look from a software perspective was useful.”
    •  “Best presenter of the day. Made the content very entertaining and relevant.”
    •  “So animated. Thank you!”
    •  “Too much content for time! ”
    •  “Great presenter with awesome content. Great mix of info, humor, and great situational examples.”
    • “A bit over the top but very insightful and useful content. Engaging!”
    • “Best speaker hands down. Video!”
    • “Engaging. A lot of great info. Entertaining! Interesting.”
    • “ A bit long, but very informative and funny. Lots of good platform to check out.”
    • “ My favorite- ever.”
    • “He took me from brain dead after the previous speaker to Brain explosion with ideas. Laughing + knowledge!!”
    • “Relevant and engaging. Excellent stuff!”
    • “Fun, engaging, good material.”
    • “Super entertaining with so much content. Gave lots of helpful hints for everyone to use.”
    • “ Great presentation, but almost too much information to take in.”
    • “We need about two hours with him instead of 45 minutes! Excellent!”
    • “Really funny! Helpful info and a funny presentation.”
    •  “Excellent speaker!”
    • “Engaging speaker. Good presentation but not really what I was thinking, do’s/don’ts.”
    •  “Super entertaining and also informative. Went a little fast though.”
    •  “By far the best presentation of the summit. Gave a boost of energy. Gave a good overview of twitter tools.”
    • “Funny , fast furious and relevant.”
    • “Very engaging presentation.”
    • “Presentation was entertaining and engaging and overall gave great tools for Twitter.”
    • “Best presentation of the week.”
    • “Very engaging while also being useful.”
    • “Awesome tweet fun “
    •  “very entertaining.”
    • “Entertaining, some tips but felt like a sales pitch for software at the end.”
    • “An excellent presentation. Good info, moved a little quickly. For those who are trying to take notes.”
    • “Funny and informational. Awesome combo!”
    • “Great!”
    • “Very very funny! This guy knows his stuff! Wow. Mind=Blown.
    • “Fun and engaging.”
    • “This was a ton of fun but I personally, Didn’t learn as much as I hoped.”
    • “Awesome. Best prezo by far.”
    • “Great presentation and personality. Very helpful info.”
    • “Awesome. Made the conference worth price of admission.”
    • “Great! Energetic, informative and a great laugh.”
    • “Great! Funny and interesting, learned great tools. Booooo chiefs.”
    • “Best presentation, good antidotes. Specific info and tools, funny.”
    • “Great presenter. Confirmed some stuff I need to do to take on SM strategy to the next level.”
    • “Great speaker. Looking forward to digging into the tools he provided.”
    • “Awesome presentation”

The Best Marketing Speakers?

marketoAccording to Marketo, Travis Wright is one of the best marketing speakers in the world. Currently rated #19 on the list.

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Need a funny, engaging, entertaining, educational, keynote presentation for a special event or industry conference? Travis is definitely the Wright guy to have speak. Travis Wright, get it? 😀

Check Travis Wright’s Availability!

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