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15 Photos of Upside-Down Snowmen on Instagram

cous7Snowmen are great. It’s a true story that not one snow man has EVER been convicted of a crime. Who hates snowmen? Evil people, that’s who. Evil shitty people who hate life, hate snowmen. Especially upside down snowmen.

Because upside-down snowmen are rare… and are created by people in a very playful mood. A regular snowman just won’t do. I must have an upside-down snowman, because it is much more jovial.

Instead of making my own snowman with this shitload of snow that we got in Kansas City… I searched Instagram and have found a bunch of cute, hilarous upside down works of art created by joyous people. Who can hate on that?

Here are 14 photos of upside-side down snowmen… and one kick-ass right-side-up Snow YODA.

(click image to open gallery)

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