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Royals Baseball Playoff Run Rejuvenates Kansas City. #MLB #Royals

Royals Make Me Feel Twelve Again!

17178b_lgMan oh man!  To be a resident of the Kansas City area these last couple of weeks has been amazing.  It’s been like a dream. The whole Kansas City area is happy! Mizzou fans, Kansas Jayhawks fans, and KSU fans are all harmonious with one another in their KC Royals fandom.

The Royals have, as of right now, won 6 straight MLB playoff games this year. And dating back to 1985, they have won nine playoff games in a row. We are watching something historic, as the whole country has begun to love the formerly lovable losers, the KC Royals. We are winners now!

Starting out on Monday Night Football, I took my 12-year-old son to Arrowhead Stadium, September 29th, to see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots.

In that game, the Chiefs curb-stomped the Patriots.  I mean, they kicked the shit out of them 41-14.  That is an ass-whomping, if I’ve ever seen one.  Versus Gray Hoodie, Tom Brady and the Patriots? What? What?!  That’s unheard of.  Whoomp, There it is!




Just Another Kansas Storm. No Big Deal. [HDR Photo Gallery]

20140413_145407_1Drove to Topeka, KS this morning, as my daughter’s cheerleading team was a finalist in the US Cheerleading National Finals!  Out of all of the 8 year old cheerleading teams in the US, my daughter’s team placed fifth.  I never thought my daughter would be a cheerleader, but after she expressed interest, we figured it would be infinitely better than sitting on the couch all the time.  So far, she’s loved it.  

On the way home, we were treated to a nice Kansas storm.

15 Photos of Upside-Down Snowmen on Instagram

cous7Snowmen are great. It’s a true story that not one snow man has EVER been convicted of a crime. Who hates snowmen? Evil people, that’s who. Evil shitty people who hate life, hate snowmen. Especially upside down snowmen.

Because upside-down snowmen are rare… and are created by people in a very playful mood. A regular snowman just won’t do. I must have an upside-down snowman, because it is much more jovial.

Instead of making my own snowman with this shitload of snow that we got in Kansas City… I searched Instagram and have found a bunch of cute, hilarous upside down works of art created by joyous people. Who can hate on that?



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