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Twitter Needs a Second Screen Filter Feature Similar to Google+ Circles

Twitter_nyse--621x414I tweet a lot.  And I tweet about many different topics.  Many of my followers don’t give a flying shit about many of the topics that I’d otherwise like to talk about.

You can segment people with lists, so that can filter their broadcasts, however, you can’t select an audience to deliver certain tweets to, outside of a hashtag.  I propose they fix this, as it’s in their best interest for advertising targeting.

For instance, I live in Kansas City and have always loved watching the Kansas City Royals. Let’s say I’m watching the Royals game and I want to tweet about it… There is a browser with Twitter open at the ready, my mobile phone is right here, also… and I have a browser open of the Royals playing.

I don’t watch much cable TV, but we have it at the house.  I pay for MLB.TV, and have the MLB mobile app, however, if you are in the Kansas City area, you are blacked out from watching the games due to some bullshit rule.  So, I just go to a site that streams the games for free.  That’s right, I have my bootleg stream of the game on, while I work and I tweet.  Sue me.

And your bogus regional baseball blackout bullshit.

And your bogus regional baseball blackout bullshit.

My point is, I like to watch the Royals while I work, so I just need a small window… I don’t need my whole TV on the game. I gots works ta do!

So, during the game, I sometimes like to tweet about the game to share my own #secondscreen experience with all my #Royals brothers and sisters.

I’d imagine that about 97.56541% of my followers GIVE ZERO FUCKS about the #Royals. They don’t want to hear my rant about how Mike Moustakas was the third best hitter in all of MLB baseball during spring training and that he just finally got his FIRST hit of the year on the 8th game of the year.  And also how Ned Yost #Yosted us again with another one of his fucktard managerial decisions.

I don’t want to blather these thoughts in my public Twitter stream. imagesThat’s why Twitter needs to create a new feature. One that brings search front and center that allows for selective filters for tweets to be shown to segmented streams.

Maybe if you start a tweet with the hashtag at the front of the tweet. It would ONLY be a visible tweet in the search stream for #royals and not in your public stream that you send out.

However, it would show on your public profile page, but it just wouldn’t be broadcasted to people who aren’t paying attention to that search.
For example:

Creating a Google+ Circle-like Feature would allow for several benefits to the users and the stockholders of Twitter. This would:

  • encourage more search usage
  • increase relevance of certain terms
  • create a great tweet activity around these valuable terms
  • more people would tweet more frequently
  • increase advertising dollars.

And really, Dick Costolo, isn’t growing your number of regular daily twitter users and advertising dollars all you really care about right now?  You need to be able to broadcast streams in multiple areas.

I don’t watch Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.  I don’t want to see the 1000s of irrelevant posts in my Twitter stream.  And I know that 97.56541% of my followers don’t want to see me tweeting about the #Royals.  I need some “tweet-chat” toggle-feature that would mute the tweets to my main stream, but would allow it to go to the hashtag search.

Let’s fix this, shall we?

S3Society Landscape v8 (1)

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*Doing research for this blog post, I stumbled upon the Second Screen Technology Landscape.  I know that the Marketing Technology Landscape is huge, but this is the first that I’ve seen the Second Screen Technology Landscape.

Amazing innovations are everywhere.


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